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  • January 31 & February 7 and February 2 & 9, 2017 – Modern Retirement Planning Class at University of Northern Colorado, Loveland Center At Centerra
  • Classes and Seminars

    Financial Educators Network (FEN) provides financial education and training through a network of experienced instructors and colleges, universities, public and private corporations, municipalities and government agencies.

    FEN gives you the resources to identify your needs, and structure (or restructure) a retirement plan that is suited to your personal objectives and lifestyle. The educational approach prepares you to take control.

  • Classes include:
    1. Modern Retirement Planning
    2. This is a comprehensive course designed to address retirement issues in and unbiased, educational environment.
    3. Unlocking Social Security
    4. Social Security can be a big part of retirement income. Understanding Social Security benefits is not easy and mistakes can be costly.
    5. Utilizing Tax Deferral in Irrevocable Trust
    6. Understanding how annuities in Irrevocable Trusts can save money on taxes and pass funds to the third generation

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